Transform every desktop into an advertising surface today...
with STRAYK wallpaper.

Strayk is a program that with a simple download, allows you to display a different image every day
on the computer-desktops of your customers.

You would therefore "publish" 365 images in one year.... associating a new wallpaper to each day. A picture is worth a thousand words: you'll be able to promote every type of product,
convey every type of emotion and transmit every type of message.

Strayk represents a new medium with a great communicative potential with the broad reach of internet users.
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Dynamic wallpapers for the PC desktop
Real Estate Cooperative Network
Tosap/Cosap e ICP
Software for the management of taxes for local government
(800 municipalities managed)
Mobile Applications for iPhone, iPad, Android
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  • Consultancy in information communication technology
  • Networking and security

  • Analisys, design and software development
  • Website development

    P.Labs Kft - Budapest - Hungary
    MundoMundano - San Paolo - Brasil
    Db2producao - San Paolo - Brasil
    Logan Shan Lu Gallery - Shangai
    Bassetti S.p.a. - Milano
    Zucchi Vincenzo S.p.a. - Milano
    Duomo GPA - Milano
    Rodax S.r.l. - Udine
    Inform S.r.l. (Infracom) - Padova

    Taxes management OSAP/ICP (800 municipalities managed)
    Thun S.p.a. - Bolzano
    Raiffeisen OnLine S.c.a.r.l. - Bolzano
    Dr. Schaer S.r.l. - Postal
    Henri Chenot - Grand Hotel Palace - Merano
    Centro di Consulenza per la Frutta e Viticultura - Bolzano
    Borsa Immobiliare della Provincia di Bolzano

    Camera di commercio, industria, artigianato e agricoltura di Bozano
    Associazione Mediatori Alto Adige
    Comune di Merano
    Azienda di Soggiorno Cura e Turismo - Merano
    Alte Muehle - Buchgemeinschaft - Merano
    Gourmet's International S.r.l. - Merano
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