in patients with

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All images are scanned in from high resolution sonography print-outs, cropped, scaled down and compressed to 16-color greyscale "gif"-format in order to reduce file size and transmission speed. Viewing the image files with a graphic program like PaintPro or LView will, in most instances, yield better image quality. Nonetheless, considerable loss of resolution has to be accepted due to this image-processing.
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This image collection is under construction and will gradually be completed.

Organ related findings


  • Acute prostatitis

  • Chronic focal prostatitis
    • symptomatic
    • oligo or asymptomatic

Ejaculatory ducts

  • Obstruction by distal calcification

  • Obstruction by proximal calcification

  • Obstruction by long calcified plug

  • Dilatation without visible obstructing factor

Seminal Vesicles

  • Assymmetrical dilation

Special findings


  • Median prostatic cysts (Müllerian, utricular cysts)

    • proximal cysts

    • distal cysts